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PC Lone Sunwood

2004 Buckskin Own Son of Sun Frost


PC Lone Sunwood will be open for studding to select mares here on the ranch. He will be available for live cover only for the time being. Additional mare care fee of $6 a day will be required. We offer a live colt guarantee. This ensures standing and nursing for the colt. There are no cash refunds. If a mare dies or is unable to foal, a replacement mare may be used. Studs may be exchanged in a similar case. If you don't have a mare for breeding, we will have all available ranch raised colts here on the For Sale page or on the ranch. Colts sell fast and are on a first come first serve basis. Colts may be held with a down payment till weaned. 

Fee: $1,250 


PC Lone Sunwood is our most proven stud on the ranch and an Own Son of Sun Frost. Through the years Sun Frost has sired multiple amazing competitors in almost every rodeo event including Team Roping. With his unique bloodlines Barrel Racing Horses are his specialty. Frenchmans Guy is one such horse and a half brother to Sunwood. Sun Frost is now deceased but his amazing rodeo characteristics are strong in PC Lone Sunwood and his colts. Sun Frost Barrel Racing bloodlines are still prominent in the rodeo industry today and this stud delivers every desirable trait to be a

Competitive Rodeo Horse. 

PC Lone Sunwood has sired many competition rodeo horses himself from the Northern border and even down into Mexico. His colts have proven themselves versatile and smart in every aspect. They have made appearances in everything from Mexican Rodeo, Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, and Goat Tie. Every colt is well balanced, ready to work and good minded.  

Sun Frost frozen semen is not available as it was never collected. The next closest thing you can do is ship semen from an own son of Sun Frost. As one of the last producing Sons of Sun Frost, PC Lone Sunwood is a perfect prospect for frozen or cooled semen shippments for Sun Frost bloodlines.

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