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Sagewood Ranches

Our Ranch

Over 100 years of ranching

Sagewood has been a working ranch in Leeds Utah for over 100 years. Homesteaded in the Early 1900's as a land of crops and cattle, Riley Savage bought into the property to continue the farming and ranching for the town of Leeds. Over the years, the Danish Ranch property was added on and integrated in the farming process. Pear and apple orchards were planted and the land was used for crops and grazing. In the later years, the property was willed over to three sisters then purchased by one. At the time of the purchase, their horses were primarily used for guiding and packing Elk hunts in a Colorado Ranch. Colorado sold but the horses kept on evolving into what we now call Sagewood Ranches. These horses occupy the same property and continue on the working ranch. 


Our Story

AQHA Breeders Certified Since 1992

Ranch Horse.JPG

Sagewood Ranches has been breeding premiere certified quarter horses for 30 years with dedication to acquiring and maintaining exquisite bloodlines. The horses raised on the ranch have developed into some of the best rodeo horses in the western states. These are some of the notable bloodlines.

  • Sun Frost

  • Metallic Cat

  • Fire Water Flit

  • Leo Hancock Hayes

  • White Lighting Ike

  • Wilywood

  • Funny B 

  • Smart Little Lena

  • Driftwood 

  • Blue Valentine

  • Strait Silver

  • Freckles Playboy

Barrel Sunfrost Horse
Metallic Cat Cutting.jpeg
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