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Our Studs

Legendary Bloodlines

All Studs on the ranch are available for breeding.  They will be available for live cover only for the time being with a select number of breeds available each season. Studding at the ranch includes,

  • Live colt guarantee

  • Mare exchange (if a mare dies or is unable to foal)

  • Stud exchange (if stud dies or is unable to breed)

  • $6 mare care fee per day spent on the ranch

  • Payment toward ranch raised colt (if mare deems unable to foal with no replacement options)

Own Son of
Sun Frost

PC Lone Sunwood is sacked with bloodlines of Sun Frost, Lone Drifter, half brother to Frenchmans Guy and Dinero. His colts have performed in: Rope Horses, Ranch Horses and Barrel Racing Horses.

Fee $1,250


Own Son of
Metallic Cat

Sired by the legendary cutting horse, Metallic Cat, Metallic Uno is an incredibly smart and athletic. He is a competition money earner himself in Cutting. Perfect cross for any agility horse expecially Cutting Horses.

Fee $1,000

Own Son of 
Fire Water Flit

Made for speed and more speed. Money Firewater is a genetic masterpiece. He radiates kind confidence. Fire Water Flit's speed has made history in nearly every rodeo event.

Fee $750


Other Sagewood Stallions


Sun Sugarbud

Out of our Sun Frost stud and a daughter of Wilywood, one of the best colts we have raised here on the ranch in 30 years. He is every bit as impressive as his sire. Find the best Rope, Ranch and Barrel Racing Horses from these bloodlines. 

Fee $750

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