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Sun Sugarbud 

2016 Palomino out of Sunfrost


Sun Sugarbud will be open for studding to select mares here on the ranch. He will be available for live cover only for the time being. Additional mare care fee of $6 a day will be required. We offer a live colt guarantee. This ensures standing and nursing for the colt. There are no cash refunds. If a mare dies or is unable to foal, a replacement mare may be used. Studs may be exchanged in a similar case. If you don't have a mare for breeding, we will have all available ranch raised colts here on the For Sale page or on the ranch. Colts sell fast and are on a first come first serve basis. Colts may be held with a down payment till weaned. 

Fee: $750

Barrel Racing Sunfrost.JPG

Sun Sugarbud is a direct grandson of Sun Frost. He was raised right here on the ranch out of our PC Lone Sunwood stud and a Wilywood mare. He is built and moves identically to Sunwood and has every desirable characteristic from his sire. He has agility for Barrel Racing along with the strong frame for roping. He has spent time ranch roping and branding and done so easily and with a good disposition. He is a fast learner and pleasant to work with as all of Sunwoods colts. He has sired good color and build in all of his colts and continues to carry on the Sun Frost bloodline. 

Sun Sugarbud has spent significant time doing cattle drives and ranch roping for branding. As a grandson of Wilywood he delivers all the amazing traits of his bloodline. His good frame and build is perfect for speed and strength. He is gentle and has a good disposition about him. He stands about 15 1 tall. His colts are just as well tempered and structurally sound. He throws great color on his colts and they all are easy to work with and great learners. 

Sun Sugarbud.jpeg
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