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Sagewood Quarter Horses

Premiere Ranch and Rodeo Horses


Legendary Bloodlines

Stallions standing at Sagewood Ranches

Own Son of
Sun Frost

PC Lone Sunwood is sired by Sun Frost by an own daugher of Lone Drifter. He is closely related to Frenchmans Guy and delivers every admirable trait for every event.


Own Son of
Metallic Cat

Sired from the legendary Metallic Cat out of a Smart Little Lena mare, Metallic Uno is the perfect match for Cutting. Metallic Uno is a competition earner himself. 

Own Son of 
Fire Water Flit

Sired by Fire Water Flit, out of an own daughter of Marthas Six Moons and a granddaughter of On The Money Red, Money Firewater is a genetic masterpiece.  


Horses for Sale

Ranch Raised Colts

Browse through our very own Ranch Raised Quarter Horses. These are our current horses for sale on the ranch. The majority are foaled right here and ready for a new home as yearlings. Each quarter horse is bred for excellence as a rodeo prospect horse. Our yearling colts have a good start and decent exposure to normal ranch operations making them compatible to work with. Every one of them have well balanced structure and minds. We have every option of horse for Team Roping horses, Barrel Racing horses, Cutting horses, Sorting horses, Pole Bending horses, and Breakaway Roping horses.

Driftwood Horses.JPG

Other Sagewood Stallions


Sun Sugarbud

Out of our Sun Frost stud and a Wilywood mare Sun Sugar bud was raised here on the ranch. He is every bit as impressive as his sire. Find the best Barrel Racing Horses from these bloodlines. 

About the Ranch


30 Years of Quarter Horse Breeding

Although the property has been ranching for over 100 years, in the 1990's Sagewood Ranches began acquiring the most coveted rodeo horse bloodlines from Sunfrost, Driftwood, White Lighting Ike, Wilywood, Lone Drifter, Blue Valentine, Leo Handcock Hayes, and many more. All of this effort was aimed to create the perfect all around ranch and cow-horse. For years these horses have proved to be outstanding competitors in various rodeo events ranging from Barrel Racing to Team Roping. 


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